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As a mom, I can't say enough about our experience with Dr. Klautky!  She was welcoming, knowledgeable, thorough, and supportive.  She arranged her approach to the testing to fit my son's needs and individualized it to get some real answers to the burning questions.  When the testing was complete she was honest and compassionate and able to help me really understand the findings.  She wrote a detailed and understandable report that then helped me to advocate for and ultimately get meaningful services for my son.  This was not a cookie cutter testing experience.  It was designed around our needs and therefore was super helpful!

- CM (mom of a 6th grade boy)

“I highly recommend Dr. Klautky for her knowledgeable, caring and thoughtful approach to what can be an extremely stressful process.  Our family came to Dr. Klautky after years of IEPs for our daughter.  Once our daughter started high school, it became clear that something was “missing”.   Dr. Klautky took the time to listen to our story and recommended a testing approach that was designed around our concerns.   She tailored the testing around the ability of our daughter, and ultimately discovered an Autism diagnosis.  Throughout the process, Dr. Klautky was patient, thorough and exceptionally caring. She attended a school meeting with us, which was very helpful.  Dr. Klautky’s detailed findings and supporting documentation allowed us to get Transitional Services beyond high school to help our daughter thrive and become a contributing member of society.”  A. C.     

“Dr. Maureen Klautky has been a favorite speaker at Mom to Mom over the last four years. She is always extremely easy to work with: promptly responding to communication; providing any requested documents ahead of time; and most importantly presenting in a professional, interesting, and personable way that consistently engages our group while sharing complex information in a manner that is understandable for a lay audience. In our end of year surveys, our moms regularly request more talks by Dr. Klautky.  We feel very lucky to have such a great resource willing to spend a Friday morning sharing her expertise with us each year.” Tonya Peck, Program Coordinator for Mom to Mom in Wayland

“Dr. Maureen Klautky has been a trusted advisor at Veritas Christian Academy for many years.  She has educated our staff on learning disabilities and psychological disorders including ADHD, Dyslexia, OCD, Anxiety, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Her insights into children with these disorders have been invaluable in helping our staff view these children with compassion and understanding and has helped us in developing accommodations to help these students thrive in our classrooms.”  - Cindy Wellman, Principal, Veritas Christian Academy

Dr. Klautky was extremely helpful to my family. She took the time to get to know my daughter and relate to her sensitively as an individual rather than as a generic patient. Dr. Klautky was knowledgeable and thorough and her evaluation was impressively detailed and in depth. As a result we were able to identify the sources of my daughter’s anxiety and begin to take concrete steps to help her thrive in school and at home. My daughter now has a strong foundation as she progresses in her education, as well as a language to help her understand the way in which she learns.   B.K., father of an 8 year old girl

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